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MIOS was born 60 years ago from the passion of brothers Franco and Giuseppe Sturaro. Over the years the company has been specializing in series production line of small tonnage C-Frame mechanical eccentric presses, from 10 to 130 tons. Thanks to the high quality of its presses, MIOS became a well-known brand in Europe, historically characterized by its series production.


60 years after its birth and the disappearance of one of the founding partners the company was taken over by the group headed by President Enrico Preziosi in order to relaunch the business.


The company’s renewal required the introduction of new figures experienced in business management in order to oversee the transition to a new production model and to get the necessary skills for the development of new products and services.

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Company and quality

MIOS has a long tradition in the production of C-Frame mechanical eccentric presses. The company’s activity has always been focused on the niche of small tonnage presses, which, by now, is manned by a limited number of producers.


MIOS always focused on the quality of its products through the use of certified raw materials and through the choice of high level commercial components.


The new management has a twofold purpose: to continue the company’s production tradition and to introduce customization services, not previously offered.



The aim of MIOS’ policy is to maintain the quality standard of its products. This allowed MIOS to establish itself achieving a good reputation, to upgrade the products according to the latest regulations and technology and to continuously improve the quality of the service offered to its customers both in terms of design and realization of customized solutions and technical support.



The Vision of MIOS is to combine the technical tradition with the new requirements in relation to the service offered to the Customer. In order to focus on Quality of products and service at the centre of its work, MIOS has renewed part of its workforce with a view to pursue continuous improvement. Moreover, MIOS believes that the current market requires to be ready for the customisation of solutions as well as for the construction of complete turn-key plants. For this reason MIOS intends to propose itself to its customers as the reference company for consulting and customisation in the range of small tonnage mechanical eccentric presses.



MIOS PRESSE is a company that, over the years, has been constantly committed to improving its production, obtaining the recognition, from customers, of the quality of its products. Particular attention continues to be paid to the safety, reliability and manufacturing quality of the presses. An important aspect in the MIOS philosophy is the relationship with the customer. The new team believes that the continuous improvement of the after-sales service and the technological development of the product are the key values that have allowed the company to succeed and remain the cornerstones of future development.